Dental Technology

Technology combined with dentistry has created modern dentistry.  From implants to cleanings, dental technology has improved the industry and helped to provide outstanding results for patients.  In Dr. Walker’s personal experience as a second generation dentist, he has seen technology create more advancements and improvements in the last ten years, than the previous fifty years.  His goal is to provide care for his patients with proven, modern technologies to give the patient the most comfortable experience and the longest lasting treatment that be provided today.

You may notice a few things have changed around the office since Dr. Walker took over patient care at Cortez Family Dentistry.  New equipment has been added for root canal procedures and a dental surgical microscope was installed in January 2015.  The next addition will be a cone beam digital imagery system in 2016.  The new equipment will assist Dr. Walker in providing two additional treatments that were not previously offered at Cortez Family Dentistry, root canals and implants.  Dr. Walker is very excited to be able to provide this additional care for his patients.