The Seilier Microscope

It has been a few months since I have installed a dental microscope in the office at Cortez Family Dentistry. Now I’m sure most clients have seen the weird glasses that dentists have been wearing to see better for the last few years. The idea of better vision has been around dentistry for decades. The next obvious step to improve upon this was the use of the surgical microscope.

Medical doctors have been using the surgical microscope for better than fifty years and its use has crept into dental specialties. Their superior illumination and magnification revolutionized these specialties and then ‘the word was out’ as they say. Even though general dentists are not trained in dental school to use them, that has not stopped their steady increase in the field. Now there are 4% of general dentists in the United States using them or around 7500 general dentists. I’m sure that this number will continue to grow as general dentists see the benefits of their use.

I personally have noticed their use in dentistry and was excited to add the technology to our clinic. First, I felt that I could no longer provide dental root canals without them. Their increased field of view is used by every endodontic specialist in our area; the dentists who specialize in root canals. However, after in office training with Stefan Luger and my discussion with several other general  dentists using them currently, I realized the potential in all areas that I practice is much more.

The dental microscope in our office is used in diagnosis, treatment planning, operative, endodontic and surgical dentistry. Every day, I use the microscope in the office and I see things that I was unable to visualize in everyday practice even a few months ago. Seeing close up all of the small intricacies of the dental anatomy,  is changing the way I diagnosis and treat every day dental conditions.



My goal has always been to provide the most precise and comfortable care in our clinic at a competitive price. I’m excited to add the dental microscope, by Seiler, to my everyday care for all of my patients. I feel that the dental microscope helps me to deliver on this pledge.

I feel one of the goals of every dentist is to provide the best care that will have the longest lasting outcome. I believe the dental microscope fits perfectly in this area. “The better the dentist is able to see, the better service they are able to provide.”

For example, polishing down a crown margin at 12 times magnification for the perfect fit is not only a joy for me to do but I can’t help but believe will last longer than dentistry done without magnification.

So please don’t be surprised to see its use in your care in the future at our family clinic. There is no additional cost to the procedures I am providing with its use, to the  contrary I am excited to use it every day to provide the best care I can for you, my patient.

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