It is a difficult process to maintain the high standards we set for the office.  Every member on our team reflects these principles and all are part of the reason patients selected us to be recognized in this year’s Best of Montezuma. I want to thank our patients, dental staff and my wife for our selection. We will continue to providing consistent treatment, with best integrity in a caring and careful environment.

Going forward it is clear to us that we need to focus on what got us to where we are now. It was patient care and relationships.  We are providing “Ned’s” approach to dental care that was developed during 20 years in the industry.  We are always excepting new patients in our practice.  We accept personal referrals from our patients because they know us best and know that we can do our best to help their friends and family.

Over the last year, it became clear, that one of our intentions to add another dentist to the practice is not an easy task.  As rewarding of an experience that can be, it became clear that it shifted the model patient care.  We tried to introduce new dentists to our office and though not an easy decision we decided it was best to consolidate patient care under one doctor to maintain that consistent treatment that our patients expect.

We are thrilled to be recognized for providing precise and compassionate dental care for each of our patients.  It is our promise to our patients to continue to offer the service that our patients appreciate.

We will continue to aim to provide a pleasurable experience with friendly service. Thank you again for your support of our office, but most of all for your interest and investment in excellent oral health.